Woodland Wellness Programme

Nature Connection for Recovery, Discovery and Calm in Truro

  • Started 17 Sept
  • Allet Woodland- Truro

Service Description

Here at Nature Connects, we know that the future needs to be one which reconnects us to nature so that we can step into a future of sustainability, health and happiness. We offer a 6 week programme of nature connection specifically designed to help tackle social isolation, depression, anxiety, stress and encourage a reciprocal relationship between us as humans and the natural world. Run by expert facilitators Sarah and Alice whose background knowledge include eco-psychology, nature based practices, forest school, plant uses and bushcraft. We will guide you back to a life of flow and help you find a sense of belonging by connecting with the natural world. This is a 6 week course consisting of a regular core group meeting on a weekly basis in a natural setting. During the six weeks we follow the 5 pathways to nature connection, developed through research by the University of Derby which has multiple proven benefits. Strong bonds often develop between the participants and we teach a core routine of nature connection to continue at home so that we positively impact individuals beyond the limit of a programme. We also offer exclusive sessions to those who have completed a programme and encourage participants to create ‘nature buddy’s’. Experience and gains from the 6 weeks: Grounding and Sit Spots During our sessions we will introduce you to ‘sit spots’ where you will be able to take time to connect to your sensory world and the world around you. This simple yet powerful activity will help release stress and anxiety and give you a greater connection to the natural world leading to inner discoveries and cultivation of wholeness. Bush-craft and Learning During the 6 weeks there will be many opportunities to learn about our wild flora and fauna, build fires and taste wild food. Knowledge is empowering and helps us feel ‘at home’ in a natural environment and learning new skills is fantastic for boosting self esteem letting our creativity flow and immerse yourself in seasonal patterns of our natural world. Group Activities and Pair Work The group element of our sessions is key and the 6 week session is run with one core group of between 4-8 participants. We often gather round a fire circle which is a safe, non-judgmental space for sharing and reflecting on the set activity or theme. Our group activities help break down social barriers through fun and connect people in a warm and friendly way. Please click book now to express your interest.

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To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24 hours before hand. We may be able to reschedule but not refund any missed days. Sessions which we cancel due to weather or other extenuating circumstances are rescheduled to a new date where possible and where not preferably refunded with a voucher.

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