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Nature Connects

Nature and People Healing Together

There is only ONE health. We ARE nature. Supporting people and planet to heal together

Woodland Wellness 

Our 6 week programme for recovery, discovery and calm. Sessions aimed to ease stress or anxiety and aid self-development through nature connection

Staff Wellbeing

Half and full day sessions focusing on

team building relaxation and engaging
with nature.

Nature Well

Accredited level 2 'NatureWell' facilitator courses.  Nature and Health Facilitation and Community Connector training.

Developed by the Natural Academy.  Learn how to bring Nature connection to your service with this 6 day course.

Nature Buddies

An ongoing fortnightly community for those that have participated in previous sessions. To support ongoing nature connection practices and social connections


What We Offer

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Nature Connects aims to make all it's sessions as accessible as possible, therefore for we offer funding for our essential programmes for health and wellbeing  to those who can't afford it.  We also work  hard to ensure a future where nature for health becomes a sustainable and known option for people in Cornwall.  If you would like to help support our aims we would be most grateful.

Pebble Beach

Why Nature for Wellbeing?

It can help with


Improve your connection to the senses to calm the mind and body.

Physical Health

Time spent in nature is proven to lower heart rate which decreases risks of serious illness such as heart disease


 Recovery from trauma is dramatically improved through Nature connection

Stress and depression

Our sessions in nature are proven to lower stress hormones and increase seratonin (feel-good) hormones

Inner Calm

Connect to a deeper or more spiritual aspect of life through finding inner calm

Life Relations

Build a stronger sense of connection to yourself, others and nature.


             'I had a really great time, quite early on in the session I began to get a great sense of calm that I have been missing in my busy working life and living in the 'city'. I would 100% recommend to everyone.'

-Brook Dunn

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