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'Engaging people with the transformative power of nature to grow a happier healthier society'

Crowdfunder Success!   Alice and Sarah are over the moon to announce we have successfully raised over £10,000 in our crowdfunder!

This money will be used to run sessions for those who have been severely affected by the coronavirus lockdown, icluding socially isolated people and keyworkers.

Nature Connection and You

What is Nature Connection?
How can it benefit my life?

Therapeutic Nature based practices are scientifically proven to have multiple health benefits.  Our programme of nature connection can help you find your own way back to nature giving you a new sense of drive and motivation in life. 

 Modern life can cause many of us to suffer with anxiety, stress and loneliness.  To remedy this, a re-connection to our natural rhythms and self is key  Our one to one and group programmes will help you find your true path and can be astoundingly transformative.  

During our sessions and workshops.  Eco-psychologist Sarah and Wild Guide Alice will and show you ways nature can help you.   On a practical level you will learn things about nature, foraging, bushcraft and have have fun in group and solo activities. You will discover how nature can make your physical and mental wellbeing flourish, form new companions and find a sense of community. 

We are the new 'Natural Health Service' for Cornwall!


Why Nature for Wellbeing?


It can help with

Pebble Beach

Improve your connection to the senses to calm the mind and body.

Physical Health

Time spent in nature is proven to lower heart rate which decreases risks of serious illness such as heart disease


 Recovery from trauma is dramatically improved through Nature connection


Our sessions in nature are proven to lower stress hormones and increase seratonin (feel-good) hormones

Inner Calm

Connect to a deeper or more spiritual aspect of life through finding inner calm

Life Relations

Build a stronger sense of connection to yourself, others and nature.


             'I had a really great time, quite early on in the session I began to get a great sense of calm that I have been missing in my busy working life and living in the 'city'. I would 100% recommend to everyone.'

-Brook Dunn


Fun Outdoors

Sessions for 0-5yrs and their carers.  Tuesday mornings, booking essential

Your Next Event

Birthday parties, corporate well-being, nature hen parties and more

Adult sessions

Adult forest school and nature connection sessions

Personalised Care

A one to one nature well-being  programme.


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