Woodland well-being and Adult Forest School

Nature connects runs a selection of one off and regular sessions in various natural locations around Cornwall.

Our one off sessions will be themed around different aspects of nature and our regular sessions will contain a variety of nature connection activities to improve connection to yourself, others and the natural world.  

By signing up and attending our regular sessions you will get the full benefits of nature connection for well-being.  You will come away with new personal connections, friends and inspiration through new knowledge of the natural world.  Activities you can expect during our sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • fire building

  • shelter building

  • mindful meditation and 'sit spots'

  • forest bathing (no that doesn't mean we get naked!)

  • music creation

  • storytelling

  • story sharing

  • singing

  • wild food cooking

  • foraging

  • plant and tree identification

  • tool work and plant husbandry

  • willow weaving

  • time to yourself

  • fun and games together

  • bush-craft

  • nature learning

  • plant alchemy

These  are some of the activities we offer to give you a glimpse into the practical elements of some of our sessions. These are designed for optimum nature connection and self exploration which leads to the well-being we all need in life.  (click here for more evidence)

These sessions are open to members of the public on a sliding scale of pricing to try and keep our sessions affordable and inclusive. As a non-profit organisation we strive to offer a few funded spaces for people who would really benefit from nature connection but may not be able to afford to.  Attending and paying full price for a session means we can continue to fund our work and help make nature connection for well-being more mainstream for healthcare in Cornwall.