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Woodland Wellness

This is our  6 week programme of nature connection for people seeking personal emotional development and growth.  Discover how reconnecting to nature can help ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Our ecopsychology based sessions help to bring new discoveries, calm and connection to your life. 


This programme consists of a weekly 3-4 hour (depending on season) group session and runs throughout the year at a woodland near Camborne and one near Truro.  More information and booking for our upcoming programme can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Forest school for adults and eco-psychology based nature connection for health, these sessions will contain a variety of nature connection activities to improve connection to yourself, others and the natural world.  

By signing up and attending our regular sessions you will get the full benefits of nature connection for well-being.   We follow the 5-pathways to Nature Connection created from research by the University of Derby proven to enhance emotional wellbeing through creation of reciprocal relationships between humans and nature.   You will come away with new personal connections, friends and inspiration through new knowledge of the natural world. 

If you want to benefit from Nature Connection but do not feel ready to join a group consider joining us for a one to one (click to find out more)

These sessions are open to members of the public on a sliding scale of pricing to try and keep our sessions affordable and inclusive. As a non-profit organisation we strive to offer a few funded spaces for people who would really benefit from nature connection but may not be able to afford to.  Attending and paying full price for a session means we can continue to fund our work and help make nature connection for well-being more mainstream for healthcare in Cornwall.


I was looking for a deeper connections with nature, and the course provided for this both in giving me practices for self discovery and connection, which was nourishing, enlightening and at times profound. This course was very giving and I am sure it will support me in many ways for the rest of this life.

It completely surpassed my expectations. I had hoped to learn more about practically and pyschologically connecting with nature. This fulfilled that and so much more. I gained value from the group peers, the experience and skill of the leaders and from the depth of wisdom and knowledge that went into creating such a rich and life-changing programme.

Taught me so much about nature, how the human race in general interacts with it and how individually it matters to me. Increased my gratitude towards life and opened my mind to other people's stories and lives. Everything was interesting and I think the most important thing it taught me was the huge health benefits, both mental and physical, nature has on me.

It was a good size group. The activities were varied and engaging. I learnt a lot from it! It was well led and structured, gave me a chance to take time out from things and focus on being in nature. Highly recommended!

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