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Staff Wellbeing

Treat your staff to a day of  fun, connection, inspiration and calm with one of our one off sessions.  

You can book these sessions to be a half day (3.5 hours) or full day (6 hours) for your team of of between 8-25.

A staff welbeing session will to allow you to connect more deeply with nature, yourself and others through varied activities, crafts, games, bushcraft and plant knowledge and also open your mind to the multiple benefits of nature for wellbeing.  Our activities will change depending on the season but will always follow a set structure.


This will include:

Arrive and Welcome: a mindful walk into the woods.

Plant connection: time to learn about edible and medicinal seasonal plants

Grounding: (this is like a guided meditation, to help you 'arrive' and relax into the pace of the session).

Movement: a guided movement or nature themed game

Make a fire: techniques and building

Sit spot: Find a space in the woods that you can just ‘be’

Connection: activities to help you connect more deeply-to yourself (as nature), to others and to the natural world 

Create: Time to be creative in Nature


You will leave the session feeling refreshed, relaxed and more at home in nature.  Your mind will have new ideas and knowledge to take away having learnt activities you can continue at home such as ways to build fires, foraging knowledge and ways nature can support emotional and mental wellbeing. 


This service is ideal for staff wellbeing/connection, team building and health resilience for people and planet.

Currently you can only book for your whole team as we do not have any funding for sessions individuals can join 


Locations can vary depending on your requirements, or you may have your own land on which you would like it to be run.  Our Current locations are close to Camborne and Truro

Do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote and to book!

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